Cecilia was born and raised in north Sweden spending her childhood on the family farm. Her earliest passion for art started while observing her father and grandfather paint and wood carve. As a child Cecilia was surrounded by a rich culture of traditional Swedish arts and crafts and this recreational activity blossomed into a passionate hobby that she carried with her throught her adolescence and early adulthood.


Cecilia pursued a career in Hospitality Management, studied at Institut Hotelier Cesar Ritz, Switzerland, which gave her the opportunity to travel and work in several countries. She finally came to settle down in south England and after the birth of her son 2004, she made a decision to start tuition under a local artist/teacher, Susie Monnington, which helped her focus and develop her talent.


Being a mostly self-taught artist, Cecilia has in the past enjoyed experimenting with several mediums, such as watercolour, pastels and acrylics, but oil tend to be her prefered medium. She has recently started to play with the object, style and application in a more abstract way and is expressing a desire to enjoy the process of not always knowing what the end result will be.


She is influenced by artists such as the contemporary realist painter Julian Sutherland-Beatson, Gerhard Richter and Paul Evans but also draw inspiration from the more romantic style of Swedish painters such as Anders Zorn and Karl Larsson.


Combined with the love of the outdoors and a curiosity for fellow man and different cultures Cecilia’s paintings are a study of her environment derived from experiences and memories. She seeks a personal interpretation of the object rather than a replication and she often prepare sketches or small studies on location. Along with the help of reference photographs these studies translate into larger paintings in the studio.


Cecilia is primarily an oil painter and works from a studio in Lewes, East Sussex, UK. Her work is currently represented through Frickleton Fine Art and also through the online galleries Artfinder.com and Saatchi Art Online.



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